The RTB have published a register of tenancies extracted from the registration details submitted to it by landlords. The published register does not contain any information that could lead to the disclosure of the identity of the landlord or tenant or the rent payable. Under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004, the RTB has powers to enforce the requirement to register tenancies. The RTB follows up on any information received in relation to tenancies, which are not registered with the RTB. Such information comes from a number of sources including local authorities, members of the public, resident's associations and from tenants referring disputes to the RTB or otherwise contacting the RTB. Please note that this published register is a snapshot of the register at a point in time, generally extracted on a weekly basis. Accordingly it may not include tenancies registered since then or more recent applications for registration that are not fully processed. Some entries in the Register may contain addresses of tenancies prior to the introduction of our new IT system. We cannot stand over the veracity of these addresses.

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County Carlow County Donegal County Cavan County Leitrim County Monaghan County Louth County Sligo County Mayo County Roscommon County Longford County Westmeath County Meath Dublin or County Dublin County Kildare County Offaly County Galway County Clare County Laois County Wicklow County Tipperary County Kilkenny County Wexford County Waterford County Limerick County Kerry County Cork Map of Ireland

  Published Register Details.. To view details of the pubished register for each county and postal code below, select either the excel (*.xls) or portable file document format (*.pdf).

Postal Code Excel (*.xls) PDF (*.pdf)

Postal Code

Excel (*.xls) PDF (*.pdf)
Co. Carlow Co. Dublin
Co. Cavan Dublin 1
Co. Clare Dublin 2
Co. Cork Dublin 3
Co. Donegal Dublin 4
Co. Galway Dublin 5
Co. Kerry Dublin 6
Co. Kildare Dublin 7
Co. Kilkenny Dublin 8
Co. Laois Dublin 9
Co. Leitrim Dublin 10
Co. Limerick Dublin 11
Co. Longford Dublin 12
Co. Louth Dublin 13
Co. Mayo Dublin 14
Co. Meath Dublin 15
Co. Monaghan Dublin 16
Co. Offaly Dublin 17
Co. Roscommon Dublin 18
Co. Sligo Dublin 20
Co. Tipperary Dublin 22
Co. Waterford Dublin 24
Co. Westmeath
Co. Wexford  
Co. Wicklow  

What can the RTB do about unregistered landlords? 

See Questions under  FAQs about Tenancy Registration.

If you have any queries relating to the published register, please contact the RTB directly.

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